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About Me

From a very young age, I knew that I belonged to the forest and the sea. My soul has always been wild and instinctual like Nature. I knew that I would build and maintain my intimate relationship with Inspiration, where the woods conversed with the ocean. I just had to get there. 


The first time I went to Costa Rica was when I was seventeen years old. This was the first time I witnessed the meeting place of the jungle and the sea. This was also the first time I saw real surf. The seed was planted while burning my feet on a black sand beach with a dense forest backdrop and perfect waves calling me home. Six years later, I moved to Costa Rica right after I graduated from university.


This was the beginning of living the life that I had always imagined. I spent ten years in Costa Rica surfing, evolving, traveling, making mistakes, writing, taking risks, overcoming monumental challenges, meeting the love of my life (mi media naranja), and finding myself. With a new decade on the horizon as 2020 approached, I decided it was time for my next adventure, though. I am currently living this new chapter, and jotting down notes and snapping photos along the way. 


In my heart, I always wanted to be a writer. I’ve kept journals and have written creatively since I was a little girl. The reality of being able to make a living doing what I deeply love to do seemed like a far-fetched dream for most of my twenties. It wasn’t until I was nearing thirty that I realized if I didn’t take a leap of faith in myself and full-heartedly pursue a life as a writer, I would likely regret it for the rest of my life. 


So, I started over. I quit my job as a teacher, gave up a steady paycheck, and began writing 300-word fictional scenarios for an insurance company based somewhere in the mid-West for two cents a word. I had no portfolio or any proof other than my spoken word that I could actually write. I knew that I had to start somewhere and after applying for dozens of jobs online, this became my first real writing job. 


Since 2015, I have been working and thriving as a professional writer. I have since built a portfolio of hundreds of travel, surf, lifestyle, wellness, nature, conservation, current events, and culture articles for a variety of online and print publications and businesses. I am also almost finished writing my first book.


The written word has long been my most natural mode of communication. Writing is my way of connecting with the world.


I love the journey I am on, both on and off the page, and I foresee a future of collaborations and independent projects of words. I also enjoy documenting my travels and observations through photography and have become especially passionate about wildlife photography. 

These days I can be found in Central America, Florida, on Vancouver Island, and in the surf, wherever that might be.


I will continually be updating my online portfolio as I continue to write and have my work published. 


Thank you for stopping by! 

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